Natural Stone Flooring and its Elegant Impact in our Homes

The flooring in our homes says quite a bit about us, our tastes, and the feelings we hope our home exudes. Natural stone flooring is one of the select flooring materials that adds subtle elements of elegance, sophistication, and class not only to our floors, but also to the entirety of our homes as well. One of the most sustainable and sought after flooring materials, natural stone flooring provides our homes with sturdy and reliable flooring that offers attractive, earthy features, giving our homes a peaceful, calming feel. And while natural stone flooring affords us these features, it does take mild effort to care for this lovely flooring option. Like all other flooring materials, natural stone flooring requires a bit of maintenance to preserve its natural beauty. If you have natural stone flooring in your home or are considering installing this timeless flooring option, take a peek below for some easy-to-use tips for giving your flooring the attention and care it deserves.


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Cleaning Care 101

When the time comes for your weekly flooring cleaning, there are a few tips and tricks to follow for the best results for caring for your floor. Unlike linoleum and other engineered flooring materials that can be cleaned with harsh chemicals and water, natural stone’s structural and visible integrity can be compromised if this method is used — especially if used regularly. For natural stone floor, it’s best to use non-acidic cleaners and products. When the acidity of these products (as well as those containing concentrated amounts of lemon juice, vinegar, and other abrasive cleaning materials) meets the surface and interior of your natural stone flooring, adverse reactions take place and, over time, degrade the appearance of your floors. Instead, look for cleaners that contain the lowest acidity possible. Some of these cleaning products will be marked as much, but most of them will require that you spend a few seconds familiarizing yourself with the components contained in the specific cleaning product to ensure it’s safe to use on your natural stone flooring.


How-Tos and Why-Nots

Since it’s best to forego the aforementioned acidic cleaners, you might be saying to yourself, “OK, got it…. But what do I use in place of these chemicals?” Excellent question! Try this:


  • Use a neutral pH cleaning product, such as certain dish soaps and all-purpose cleaner
  • Only use soft, non-abrasive, and clean mops, rags, or towels to clean your floor; scratches are absolutely possible to implement if your cleaning towel is rough
  • Use warm (not hot) water to dilute the cleaning materials
  • Lightly press the mop or towel to the floor, avoiding placing the butt of the mop handle directly on the floor if using a mop
  • Allow your floor to air dry, but avoid stepping in wet or damp areas; use a soft, clean rag or mop to dry if pressed for time


Your Floor, Your Home, and You

While there are numerous ways to go about caring for your natural stone floor, the above method is one that we’ve stuck by and implore customers and friends to utilize to ensure that their floors are kept in the best condition, no matter how much traffic they receive. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the cleaning information found here, or would like to learn more about our natural stone flooring offerings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to hear from future customers and friends. Choose quality. Choose flamingo Flooring.