The Flamingo Flooring  Difference

Florida has never been a state to go along with the flow. Whether it’s our approach to the beach life, our thriving cities, or our commitment to doing things our way reaches nearly every aspect of our lives. This unorthodox approach finds its way into our homes, too; our homes are our sanctuaries from the South Florida sun and rainy afternoons, and how we decorate them says plenty about who we are and our respective takes on life. Flamingo Flooring has been a part of this Floridian tradition for over 20 years, providing only the highest quality flooring materials to our neighbors, out-of-state visitors, and even to customers across the globe. No other flooring materials company in the area does what Flamingo Flooring does. Thanks to our location, Flamingo Flooring has access to Port Everglades and the Port of Miami, to of the largest ports in America. This allows us to receive and ship our unique flooring materials anywhere in the world, as well as receiving a steady supply of products that routinely stock our showroom. Curious about which flooring materials we at Flamingo Flooring offer? Continue reading to learn more about us, our products, and how we can serve you.


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Get the Flooring That Fits your Personality

Over our 20 years in the flooring materials business, Flamingo Flooring has learned a few things about our friends in the area: when they want a certain kind of flooring, they really want that particular type of flooring. By keeping our supply of high-quality flooring materials routinely in-stock, we can offer our customers numerous options to satisfy their flooring wants and needs. These products include:

  • Natural stone flooring
    • Exudes a warm, inviting feeling into your home
    • Perfect for large areas, both indoors and out
  • Hardwood/solid wood flooring
    • Displays a simple, natural elegance and classic style
    • An excellent addition to open rooms or entry ways
  • Marble Flooring
    • A timeless choice for class and charm
    • Offers calming, natural tones to any room
  • Laminate flooring
    • Versatility and style meets practicality for the modern family
    • Affords customization and minimal maintenance
  • Carpet
    • A lush, warm choice for a comfortable home
    • Numerous styles, cuts, and patterns to choose from
  • Vinyl flooring
    • A stylish choice for easy upkeep and functionality
    • Classic application meets modern design


With so many options to choose from, Flamingo Flooring can provide you with nearly any flooring idea you’ve developed, and that includes multiple/combination flooring; whether you’d like natural stone flooring in your bathroom and carpet in your living room, or a beautifully unique combination of flooring materials, trust that Flamingo Flooring has the goods to get your next home improvement project completed to your satisfaction.


Flooring for Your Home and Lifestyle

Whether you’ve got a firm idea of what flooring materials you’d like in your home or you’re still kicking around some thoughts, come see us at Flamingo Flooring. Our flooring professionals are here to help you with any questions you might have about our flooring materials, as well as to talk through your home improvement project to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for and get you the goods that best suit you and your home. Have questions, comments, or concerns prior to coming for a visit? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.