Short Introduction

Available in sheets, tiles and planks, perfectly mimicking the look of natural stone flooring and solid wood flooring, this is not your grandmother’s vinyl flooring.

Thanks to modern flooring materials, techniques, and innovations, vinyl flooring manufacturers have given us all another reason to look at vinyl flooring once again. Comfortable, affordable and exceptionally durable, vinyl flooring is a great flooring materials option that is easy to maintain. Like other flooring options, vinyl comes in a wide array of design options, including color, pattern, texture and style; unlike other flooring options, vinyl flooring won’t hurt your bottom line.

With a simple sweeping and mopping, you’ll be enjoying your vinyl flooring for years to come. And yes, you can install it in any room, including kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, as it is highly resistant to moisture, scratches, and dents.

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing residents and business owners with high-quality vinyl flooring choices for any room or application, our flooring warehouse team is dedicated to ensuring your complete and total satisfaction. Questions about installation? We can help partner you with the best in the area, ensuring that your flooring installation goes off without a hitch.

Offering only the best and most recognized vinyl flooring brands in the industry, we stand behind every tile, plank or sheet of flooring we sell. Find out more by visiting our showroom today or contacting us.